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Flexible led screen 

  • Ultra flexible, easy to form a flat screen or curved to match with irregular shaped building facade, pixel pitch, panel size and panel color can be customized.

  • High transparency maximizes the natural light get inside of the building, also ensuring the screen has great ventilation and wind-resistance function.

  • Fast inter-panel locks make installation quick and easy especially for a large-sized screen.

  • Ultra light, a simple installation structure is enough to hold the screen, panels can be well fixed by locking the following two pieces of connector on installation structure. No need steel frame structure for installation, less impact on building

  • Both single LED strips and LED dot can be taken out for repair or replacement, which make service much more convenient.

  • Head and tail of the panel with high quality components, product can be used in harsh various environment.

Fixed & Rental led screen

  • Cabinet type: steel cabinet, aluminum cabinet, die-casting aluminum cabinet.

  • Using environment: indoor and outdoor

  • Installation: Wall mounted, hanging up, stack up.

  • Pixel pitch: from P2 to P20

  • Application: Building video wall, outdoor advertising, conference room, bill board, Road show, stage video, exhibition, concert, etc

Transparent led screen

  • High transparency rate ups to 88%.

  • Glass wall mounted, match glass perfectly, sunlight  pass through windows, do not effect indoor environment. 

  • Glass wall mounted, no need for extra steel structure, reduced bear weight on glass wall.

  • Hanging indoor, air and light pass through, large size installation, less wind resistance. 

  • Pixel pitch: from  P3.91 to P20.

3D hologram fan display

  • Based on chariot technology, 3D holographic display is the latest product in market.

  • It rotates to produce fantastic 3D image and video in air.

  • Quite suitable and popular for retail business, such as shoe shops, fashion shops, restaurant, bars. 

  • Wifi version: 320dot leds on 42cm fan, supports mobile phone and PC contents changing. 

  • Non-wifi version´╝Ť 224dot leds on 42cm fan. 

Goods shelf signage screen

  • Standard module size: 360mm*60mm.

  • COB technology, waterproof, dust proof, anti-collision and damp-proof.   

  • Fast inter-panel locks make installation quick and easy

  • Good choice for retail market, such as supper market, club, restaurant and fashion shops, etc.

High protection led screen

  • High protection led screen, it benefits from its incredible features, such as solid, dust proof, damp proof, etc.

  • Durable and tough glue covers protect screen from collision and shocking, less led damage in production, packing, transportation, installation and dis-assembly.

  • Sealed led panel without mask, the screen surface is smooth, dust on led screen can be cleaned easily by wiping.

  • Damp proof and waterproof screen to be used in high humidity environment. It can be set nearby water or equipment work in the sea.

  • Application: TV studio, broadcasting, rental stage event, control room, stage event, vessel.

  • Pixel pitch: P1.25, P3.91